Am I a Disciple Maker? How can I know?

In the opening verses of 2 Timothy 3, Paul warns Timothy concerning godlessness in the last days.  The warning contains a sad list of the resulting realities of sin within a world filled with sin sick hearts.  The list includes love of self and money, pride, arrogance, heartlessness, slanderousness, treachery and reckless behavior, among others.... Continue Reading →

Grounded in Christ

   Our purpose statement at Westwood includes 3 elements: Grounded in Christ, Growing together in God's Word, and Going for God's Glory.  We desire as a church to see people grow as a disciple in these three areas, and we seek to shape everything we do as a church body around this vision. We are... Continue Reading →

Gospel Transformation: Genuine Friendship

*This current series of posts seeks to answer the question, "What should gospel transformation actually look like in our fallen culture?" Because of the internal transformation of the Spirit that takes place in the life of the believer, Christians should be the very best friends anyone in the world could possibly have. This thought is... Continue Reading →

Discipleship & Identity (Part 3)

After the Apostle Paul draws his comparison between those who are outside of Christ and those who are in Christ, he provides great insight into how we should view self-expression. Ephesians 2:10 has opened incredible insight to me, and I have begun to share it frequently to students, both in corporate and individual settings. I... Continue Reading →

Discipleship & Identity (Part 2)

Before we can walk with Jesus we must understand who we are in Jesus.I believe that.  We need something to pursue before we will actually join the pursuit.  Now, I understand that knowing who we are in Jesus is something we will be learning all our life.  But, we need to communicate to both lost... Continue Reading →

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