Just in case you missed it...Jodie Meeks went OFF last night against Tennessee...AT Tennessee. I think the fact that this occured at Tennessee takes his performance from great to extraordinary.Jodie broke a couple of incredible records. The first was for most three pointers in a game (10), previously held by Tony Delk (9). He also... Continue Reading →

Kentucky beats the Ville!

You gotta love it when a big man runs a long touchdown. You tend to love it even more when that big man plays for your team! This is Myron Pryor, who had a HUGE game against Louisville yesterday. He is going to be wreaking havoc on teams all year long, and I can't wait!Kentucky's... Continue Reading →

UK takes down Goliath!

UK 43 - LSU 37UK is now #8 in the AP poll &, which is even harder to believe, #7 in the BCS. Simply unbelievable. Next week, Florida comes to town along with college gameday (espn). I sincerely thought that I would never see the day that college gameday would be in Lexington. I can't... Continue Reading →

Touchdown Kentucky!!!

I have to add this to my blog. This just in...The University of Kentucky has a football team! The 3-0 Cats beat Loserville, er, Louisville on Saturday for what is definitely one of the biggest wins in program history! This is the first victory over a top 10 team in 33 years, and the first... Continue Reading →

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