The next Mia Hamm?

I have NEVER liked the sport of soccer. I have never enjoyed watching it, playing it...anything to do with it, really. I have always thought that this would never change. However, I have recently come to think that I could learn to like it. Watch this video and you'll see why. 🙂 Like the blonde... Continue Reading →

Operation Inasmuch & New Emma Video

Our church participated in a state-wide servant evangelism event called Operation Inasmuch on Saturday (4/19). Our student ministry decided to participate by having a goodie blitz on the community just behind the church and offering them a free car wash for later in the day. Upon passing out free goodies, we also asked folks if... Continue Reading →

One of my favorite things

One of my favorite times is when I dry Emma's hair after Momma has washed it in the bath. I use to HATE this activity, as it would just cause Emma to scream her head off, making it a huge ordeal. However, she has come to enjoy this and now we have a lot of... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Emma!

It's hard to believe, but Emma actually turned one-year-old on Friday (1/25)! This year has FLOWN by. It's hard to immagine, but I know that time will not slow down anytime soon, either. We have taken some time over the past couple of days to go back and look at pictures of this first year.... Continue Reading →

Some new Emma stuff

I decided to just share about Emma this week. Perhaps I'll get inspired and actually write something later in the week, but for now, just Emma.As you know, she began walking a couple of weeks ago. Well, she's everywhere now! The only time she crawls is when she needs to get to something to pull... Continue Reading →

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