Spiritual Maturity as The Full Expression of Knowing God

"The central prayer that Paul offers for these brothers and sisters, that the eyes of their hearts would be enlightened through the work of the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation to know three specific spiritual realities, would only take place within the context of a growing knowledge of God. Growing in a knowledge of God is the prerequisite, and it is one that I'm afraid that we largely neglect in our culture."

Called to be Prophets

(For the message from Sunday, October 17, 2021: “Hallelujah...the Lord our God Reigns!” You can view this sermon by clicking HERE.) Yesterday pastor Gerald was back in the pulpit and we picked our study of Revelation back up with a study through the first 10 verses of chapter 19. I appreciated him taking the time at... Continue Reading →

Revelation 18 and a Challenge to Parents

The Lord is not playing around when he proclaims to his people to "come out of her" in Revelation 18. We must heed that warning. But parents should be confronted with an additional warning: Do our children hear the echo of that call intentionally from their parents?

Affirm vs. Build: A Crucial Distinction

We were so very privileged to have Dr. Scott Pace from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with us yesterday as our guest speaker for our Discipleship Sunday. Although due to some Covid-related issues we decided to cancel the afternoon portion of our schedule, Dr. Pace led us through two excellent sessions that focused on the importance... Continue Reading →

1 John & The Practice of Righteousness

(For the message from Sunday, August 22, 2021: “The Reading of 1 John.” You can view this sermon by clicking HERE.) Yesterday we had the pleasure to hear from Rev. Scott Williams. Scott led us in a public reading of 1 John, followed by some insights from the letter's message that he felt had specific relevance... Continue Reading →

Reading Revelation 13 as a Missional People

(For the message from Sunday, August 1, 2021: “The Beasts of Revelation 13: The Call to Endurance and Wisdom.” You can view this sermon by clicking HERE.) Yesterday at Westwood I had the privilege of leading our church family through Revelation 13. This is a chapter that has been met with rampant speculation as it introduces... Continue Reading →

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