What Would Your Spiritual Flipagram Look Like?

A couple of days ago, as is often the case, I found myself having to delete some stuff off of my iPhone in order to make room for a new update. If you have an iPhone, surely you can understand that process! First, you open the ‘usage’ part of the settings to see if there are any space-hogging apps that you can part with. Second, you go ahead and start hacking away at all of the temporary stuff, like photos and videos. One thing that I have found out about myself is that I am a picture hoarder. I hate deleting photos…especially ones of my kids! But, you gotta do what you gotta do, so you spend what feels like an eternity scrolling and checking pictures that can go. The worst part about this process is that with each rep it seems like you delete almost everything on your phone only to find out you have only freed like .02

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A Picture of Gospel Faithfulness

My daily reading/journaling included the narrative of Noah and the Flood from Genesis 6-7 recently. As I read through that passage for what has to be the hundredth time, something stuck out to me that I had never really paid attention to before. I noticed that the phrase, …[Noah] did all that God commanded him… is repeated 4 times in those verses. It is stated in verse 22 of chapter 6, as well as in verses 5, 9, and 16 of chapter 7. For the first time I realized how powerful this simple statement reads in the context of Noah. I realized that the faithfulness to which God called Noah is the same faithfulness that he calls his people to today.

Introducing Lydia Gayle

It’s there in the newborn cry It’s there in the light of every sunrise It’s there in the shadows of this light Your great grace It’s there on the mountaintop It’s there in the everyday and the mundane There in the sorrow and the dancing Your great grace Oh, such grace From the creation to the cross Then from the cross into eternity Your grace finds me Lyrics from Matt Redmon’s Your Grace Finds Me

Christmas and the Incarnation

Christmas has most definitely been hijacked.  We hear that a lot every year about this time.  And with that declaration we begin to hear how Christians are ‘fighting back.’  We hear of boycotts and extra emphasis on saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone that dares to utter the words “Happy Holidays” first.  We hear about court battles over songs in school Christmas programs and nativity displays on government property.  It seems like with every passing year some other seemingly innocent form of religious liberty is trampled upon and the blogs and facebook go crazy! Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about this hijacking and wanted to just get some thoughts down.  My response to this tired and overplayed drama between the scrooges and the ‘religious right’ can be summed up in two such thoughts. First, we as believers have simply made the hijacking of Christmas very easy for those who prefer a secular form of winter holiday.  Christians began secularizing the

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