About Me

My name is Jason Engle.  Erin and I were marred in 2003.  Our kids are Emma (2007), Elijah (2009), and Lydia (2013).  I have a BA in Christian Studies from North Greenville University (03), an MA from Liberty University (10), and an MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (13).  I am currently enrolled in the Ed.D. program at Southeastern.  I have served on staff at Westwood Baptist Church, in Roxboro, NC, since 2006, where I am currently the Pastor of Students and Discipleship.

I like to blog about all sorts of stuff, but especially how the gospel interacts with the surrounding culture.  I love to think about evangelism, discipleship, identity, and since I am a father of small children, parenting.  I am no expert in any of these fields, nor do I claim to have it all figured out.  Most of what I write include topics that I would love to chat more about, so I hope that people will not only read what I write, but actually take the discussion deeper!

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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