How Are You Waging War?

I have embedded a video below that has greatly convicted me.  It is about 9 minutes long and includes an excerpt from a sermon by Allistair Begg.  Begg’s incredible accent alone offers reason enough to watch all 9 minutes, not to mention the great beat in the background; but, it will be well worth your time for a number of reasons if you click play. Before you watch it, though, please consider some of my thoughts… I would consider myself a fairly political person.  Most of the time you will find my radio dial in my car set to talk radio!  I know, I’m boring.  I enjoy political banter more than most, probably, and am generally interested in the happenings of the day.  I consider myself a strong conservative, as well as someone who very much loves his country.  Why am I telling you this?  Because, as you watch the video below, you will understand my struggle with it.  Although I

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Pro-Life Superbowl Ad Pulled

I had heard about this, but actually saw this ad today. I just wanted to put it here so I could point others to it. I think it is a VERY powerful statement pertaining to some of the flimsy arguments that abortion proponents use in their stance. I hope that they find another way to show it, in another venue. Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at

Abortion ‘Wisdom’ From Nancy Pelosi

As I have stated before, it is really hard to be shocked by something that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says. As disturbed as I am by her most recent statement about how pouring money into various “family planning” organizations will mean less babies, which will then benefit the economy, I find myself thinking that at least she says what she is thinking. I mean, so many people try to mask what they are really thinking. But anyway, really!? I mean, that is how these pro-abortionists are going to begin to justify abortion-on-demand legislation? A statement like this is just flat-out scary! Instead of blaming this economic crisis on the number of children being born and promoting some sort of population controlled solution to the crisis, perhaps it’s about time that Washington begins to look in the mirror! The way I see it, seeking to replace the culture of corruption with one of morality might be a good place

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Gianna Jessen on Hannity and Colmes

WOW! I would love to meet this woman. May God RICHLY bless her ministry and mission. On a side note, I am still hoping that at some point in this life that Alan Colmes will say SOMETHING that will make me something other than sick. Thank you Gianna for allowing God to use you in a mighty way. What a beautiful picture of God’s providence and control. Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at

Obama’s 10 reasons for voting agains the born alive infants protection act

I found this to be extremely interesting…and disturbing. The nurse who started the conversation about this topic has posted these reasons after doing the research. Take some time and read it. I think I find #9 to be the most disturbing. It reads, “9. A ban to stop aborted babies from being shelved to die would be burdensome to mothers.” We certainly wouldn’t want that, would we? (I hope that you sense the sarcasm in that question) Anyway, here is the link to the whole post by Jill Stanek. Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at

A word on Sarah Palin

I am sure that many were dissapointed to hear about Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy yesterday. I know that I was. However, after thinking a little bit about her statement on the issue, I have come to realize that Sarah Palin has already made two very clear positive messages about the issue of abortion…and neither of them were necessarily in a direct way. One of those came before this situation with her daugher, the other in the midst of this situation. Here they are: (1) The one that has already been spelled out is the fact that her 4-month-old son has Down’s Syndrome. You and I may not make a big deal out of that, but in a world where many folks are opting for abortion just because the child they carry has some sort of handicap, this is a wonderful message. I’m sure that you have heard that Sarah’s statement upon the arrival of her little boy was “He

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Did anyone else just notice…

So I’m sitting here, even though I don’t know why, awaiting Hillary’s speach at the Democratic National Convention. Before she is introduced, they play a Hillary campaign video, errr, democratic – made introductory video for Hillary. Well, I hope I wasn’t the only one to notice, that when Bill Clinton comes on the video to talk about Hillary, instead of a caption that read Former President Bill Clinton, President Clinton, or even Bill Clinton, the caption simply read, “Hillary’s Husband.” Hahaha!! Classic! I’ll be laughing about that for days!! Simply perfect. Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at

Further proof of Liberal Elitism

Once again, our wonderful Speaker of the House has taken it upon her shoulders to speak for a group that doesn’t wish for her representation…in the least. This time it is the Catholic Church as a whole, of which she designates herself as an “ardent, practicing” member. When asked to help Senator Obama with his less than poor answer to Pastor Rick Warren’s question on when life begins, Pelosi instead decides to let the world know how we have all simply misconstrued the church’s stance on the subject. After studying this issue “for a long time,” she procedes to then align the Catholic Church, and its views, with her own left-wing agenda. Her answers here simply blow my mind. Although it has become very hard for her to shock me with anything she says, or advocates, I have to admit I am a little stunned at her boldness. I am linking the article below, so that you can read it

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Barack & Abortion

A friend of mine sent me a link to this article today. I have read similar accounts, but this one really seems to showcase the great links that Obama will go to in order to uphold the practice, and even unrestricted practice, of abortion. This is simply amazing. Please be advised as we head into this political season: there is nothing bi-partisan about Barack Obama. He is further left than anyone I have ever heard of…even the man he is pictured with above (which is quite a feat, I might add). Pat Buchanan writes this piece from a Catholic perspective, but the points he makes holds true and should be an eye-opener for anyone of faith. Just click on the link below to read the article. Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at

Getting Away From What Really Matters

After reading an article earlier this week about how Rick Warren is perhaps getting away from the heart of Scripture and the Gospel with his upcoming interfaith summit, I read this article today about how Brian McLaren is doing much the same. Of course, It has not been hard to see where McLaren stands on issues like these for quite a while. I just want to post this because I agree with the president of The Berean Call in his allegations. I also post it in a form of further warning about buying into the so-called “Emergent movement.” Just click the link below to read the article for yourself. Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at