Our Most Important Stewardship

My primary purpose here is pastoral, not political. I am simply exhorting you to remember and consider your supreme and primary identity as ambassadors of King Jesus and His Kingdom. I am simply exhorting you to remember and consider your greatest stewardship; the one that comes before any other aspects of stewardship you consider. Our greatest stewardship is in regards to the gospel.

How Are You Waging War?

I have embedded a video below that has greatly convicted me.  It is about 9 minutes long and includes an excerpt from a sermon by Allistair Begg.  Begg's incredible accent alone offers reason enough to watch all 9 minutes, not to mention the great beat in the background; but, it will be well worth your time... Continue Reading →

Pro-Life Superbowl Ad Pulled

I had heard about this, but actually saw this ad today. I just wanted to put it here so I could point others to it. I think it is a VERY powerful statement pertaining to some of the flimsy arguments that abortion proponents use in their stance. I hope that they find another way to... Continue Reading →

Abortion ‘Wisdom’ From Nancy Pelosi

As I have stated before, it is really hard to be shocked by something that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says. As disturbed as I am by her most recent statement about how pouring money into various "family planning" organizations will mean less babies, which will then benefit the economy, I find myself thinking... Continue Reading →

A word on Sarah Palin

I am sure that many were dissapointed to hear about Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy yesterday. I know that I was. However, after thinking a little bit about her statement on the issue, I have come to realize that Sarah Palin has already made two very clear positive messages about the issue of abortion...and neither... Continue Reading →

Did anyone else just notice…

So I'm sitting here, even though I don't know why, awaiting Hillary's speach at the Democratic National Convention. Before she is introduced, they play a Hillary campaign video, errr, democratic - made introductory video for Hillary. Well, I hope I wasn't the only one to notice, that when Bill Clinton comes on the video to... Continue Reading →

Further proof of Liberal Elitism

Once again, our wonderful Speaker of the House has taken it upon her shoulders to speak for a group that doesn't wish for her representation...in the least. This time it is the Catholic Church as a whole, of which she designates herself as an "ardent, practicing" member. When asked to help Senator Obama with his... Continue Reading →

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