Our Most Important Stewardship

My primary purpose here is pastoral, not political. I am simply exhorting you to remember and consider your supreme and primary identity as ambassadors of King Jesus and His Kingdom. I am simply exhorting you to remember and consider your greatest stewardship; the one that comes before any other aspects of stewardship you consider. Our greatest stewardship is in regards to the gospel.

How Are You Waging War?

I have embedded a video below that has greatly convicted me.  It is about 9 minutes long and includes an excerpt from a sermon by Allistair Begg.  Begg's incredible accent alone offers reason enough to watch all 9 minutes, not to mention the great beat in the background; but, it will be well worth your time... Continue Reading →

Pro-Life Superbowl Ad Pulled

I had heard about this, but actually saw this ad today. I just wanted to put it here so I could point others to it. I think it is a VERY powerful statement pertaining to some of the flimsy arguments that abortion proponents use in their stance. I hope that they find another way to... Continue Reading →

Abortion ‘Wisdom’ From Nancy Pelosi

As I have stated before, it is really hard to be shocked by something that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says. As disturbed as I am by her most recent statement about how pouring money into various "family planning" organizations will mean less babies, which will then benefit the economy, I find myself thinking... Continue Reading →

A word on Sarah Palin

I am sure that many were dissapointed to hear about Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy yesterday. I know that I was. However, after thinking a little bit about her statement on the issue, I have come to realize that Sarah Palin has already made two very clear positive messages about the issue of abortion...and neither... Continue Reading →

Did anyone else just notice…

So I'm sitting here, even though I don't know why, awaiting Hillary's speach at the Democratic National Convention. Before she is introduced, they play a Hillary campaign video, errr, democratic - made introductory video for Hillary. Well, I hope I wasn't the only one to notice, that when Bill Clinton comes on the video to... Continue Reading →

Further proof of Liberal Elitism

Once again, our wonderful Speaker of the House has taken it upon her shoulders to speak for a group that doesn't wish for her representation...in the least. This time it is the Catholic Church as a whole, of which she designates herself as an "ardent, practicing" member. When asked to help Senator Obama with his... Continue Reading →

Barack & Abortion

A friend of mine sent me a link to this article today. I have read similar accounts, but this one really seems to showcase the great links that Obama will go to in order to uphold the practice, and even unrestricted practice, of abortion. This is simply amazing. Please be advised as we head into... Continue Reading →

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