A word on Sarah Palin

I am sure that many were dissapointed to hear about Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy yesterday. I know that I was. However, after thinking a little bit about her statement on the issue, I have come to realize that Sarah Palin has already made two very clear positive messages about the issue of abortion…and neither of them were necessarily in a direct way. One of those came before this situation with her daugher, the other in the midst of this situation. Here they are:

(1) The one that has already been spelled out is the fact that her 4-month-old son has Down’s Syndrome. You and I may not make a big deal out of that, but in a world where many folks are opting for abortion just because the child they carry has some sort of handicap, this is a wonderful message. I’m sure that you have heard that Sarah’s statement upon the arrival of her little boy was “He is perfect.” People who are pro-choice are really struggling with that.

(2) Number two is found in a very subtle way in her recent statemtent about her daughter. I am not sure of the direct quote, but Sarah says something along the lines of, “[her daughter] and the man that she will marry will soon understand the difficulties of being a parent and having a small child…” Found in this statement is something that is completely lost in today’s message to young people who are all-too-often practicing loose promiscuety: consequences. I am sure that Sarah and her family have struggled with this situation, as many other (even believers) parents have. However, instead of just simply finding a way to make things as comfortable as possible for her daughter, it sounds like Sarah Palin loves her daugher enough to allow her to feel the consequences of her actions. This is an astounding message as schools are beginning to provide free childcare for teenage mothers and legislators try to make it easier for those teenagers who are pregnant to get an abortion. As I have said before, a child should never be a consequence, but even more importantly, a child should never have to pay to the consequence of his/her parent(s).

So, even in the midst of this major trial in her life, Sarah Palin has already said volumes about her stance on abortion and life. I applaud these things, along with the fact that she is teaching her daughter through her crisis, instead of attempting to make for her an easy way out.

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