Driscoll on Idolatry

At the Advance 09 conference in Durham this past weekend, Mark Driscoll presented one of the best talks that I’ve heard in some time. I know that it was the most complete portrait of idolatry I have ever heard, at least. He spoke to a packed auditorium of ministers, so he especially defined different forms of idolatry that can be found within the setting of ministry. The conviction that swept through the room by the Holy Spirit was obvious. I thought then, even as I listened, that I wish that every believer could hear his words. Well, here is a link to the entire message. Keep in mind that the message is given with specially consideration for ministers; however, everyone will benefit from its content. I urge you to take a small chunk of your day and listen to it sometime soon. Link: http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/MediaPlayer/3968/Audio/ May we be humbled by convction, and may that humility lead to repentance. Original Post found

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The insanity of pro athletes’ salaries

Have you ever thought about just how ridiculous are the amounts of money that professional athletes make each year? What’s more ridiculous is probably the fact that so many of them end up broke after their hiatus in their various league within 5 – 10 years after their career comes to an end. But anyway, I’m not having a fit of jealousy or bitter by this, but it does make me think about the fact that no matter how gifted, no one is really worth that kind of money. I understand the insane revenue that athletes help to attain, but, come on. Anyway, I saw a link to this on espn’s site today and just had to shake my head to understand that Manny Ramirez makes the equivalent of my YEARLY salary in one quarter (.24) of one game! Even more remarkable, he makes my YEARLY salary in less than even one at bat (.88)!!! Unbelievable. In other words, I

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Holiness and Anger

One of the most difficult feelings to express by a Christian is anger. How in the world can we be really mad at something, and at the same time express that anger in a way that is not sinful? I have to admit that this is something that is very hard to do for me. I have blown it so many times. To be honest, it is really hard to put a good answer into words. I mean, we can say how one is to do this all day long, but when that situation arises, those words just aren’t going to hold up too well. So, might I suggest a visual illustration? I was really impressed by this clip of John Piper responding to the words of President Obama a few days after the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. In this clip, which is from a sermon at his church, Piper speaks truth directly into the situation in his resonse,

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12-year-old’s Extrordinary Speech

I received an email containing a link to this video today and was just blown away by it. This young, 12-year-old girl decided to make this speech despiter her teachers’ strong opposition to the topic. I am amazed at her poise and ability to clearly defend her position. I think she has already on display so much potential to be a world-changer as she grows and matures. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The link to the full blog post is here: http://bound4life.com/blog/2009/02/06/y-o-p-p Original Post found at http://www.momentumblog-jason.blogspot.com. Visit Momentum Student Ministry at http://www.westwoodmomentum.org.

Some Thoughts on Modesty

When it comes to issues of modesty, I used to give most girls the benefit of the doubt (emphasis on most, never all). I used to remind myself that girls just don’t see things as guys see them and simply chalk it up to girls just being naive. Girls are just trying to look cute, and when that can only be accomplished by following the current fashion trends, I guess that can kind of be understandable. I even recall having a conversation with my wife just after we were married in which I was able to greatly enlighten her on this issue. She had questions and, as a guy, I had answers. She had no idea of the effect that certain things that most girls think innocent have on the male mind. This seemed to solidify and justify my approach. However, my mind is changing very quickly in that regard. This year’s summer camp, I guess, is the straw that

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His strength made perfect in weakness…

…as seen in the life and ministry of Steven Curtis Chapman. This is a song that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Even as it was first written, it is an incredible declaration of perspective that we so desperately need to hear…and often. However, after the death of his adopted daughter earlier this year, which brought the addition of a new verse (which you will hear in this first video), makes the message of this song so much more personally relevant and incredible. So, listen to the message of this song, which is called “Yours,” and is the title track from Chapman’s newest project. I also wanted to post this other video of this song, which apparently was made by a church to be used for a missions summit event. It is just a beautiful display of pictures of the nations. It is the cd version, which does not include the new verse; but, still well worth the time

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The "pregnancy pact"

I found and read this article today and simply have no words. Just read it. Something has to be done to wake these young girls up. Passing out contraceptives is not the answer. I think that even the most liberal people have to begin to see the logic in this conclusion. I really would like to comment, and probably will at some time in the near future, but right now, all this makes me is sad.http://www.time.com/time/printout/0,8816,1815845,00.html Original Post found at http://www.momentumblog-jason.blogspot.com. Visit Momentum Student Ministry at http://www.westwoodmomentum.org.

Spring Renewal

*I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted. With so much going on I have not been a very good blogger lately.*This past Sunday evening and Memorial Day Monday our student ministry had its first annual Spring Renewal weekend retreat. Even though this year’s event is on a much smaller scale than I hope it will aspire to in coming years, I have been very excited about its coming. Our theme this year was “All other ground is sinking sand.” Throughout the weekend we had 5 sessions, all covering various false religions. My prayer for the students was that they would be strengthened in their faith by coming to a deeper understanding as to why Jesus is the only solid rock on which we can stand, and also that they would gain confidence in conversing with others who claim beliefs in other false forms of faith. In so doing, we took a deeper look at Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism,

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Spiritual Disciplines

Our church just began a study on Spiritual Disciplines that will take place in our adult Bible Study classes over the span of 12 weeks. So, as I had the opportunity to preach 2 Sundays ago (on the first Sunday of this study), I decided to put forth a challenge as to why people should make a priority to be here for the study, as well as why they should strive to implement the practice of these spiritual disciplines in their lifestyles. You can listen to that sermon HERE, if you would like. Simply click on the link for the sermon for March 2nd. Anyway, I laid out 10 areas of our spiritual lives in which the practice of spiritual disciplines is vital in order for growth to take place. Spiritual disciplines are essential in the areas of… 1. …pursuing holiness 2. …yielding eternal benefits 3. …experiencing the abiding presence of Christ 4. …achieving sustained growth 5. …developing confidence in

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