Holiness and Anger

One of the most difficult feelings to express by a Christian is anger. How in the world can we be really mad at something, and at the same time express that anger in a way that is not sinful? I have to admit that this is something that is very hard to do for me. I have blown it so many times. To be honest, it is really hard to put a good answer into words. I mean, we can say how one is to do this all day long, but when that situation arises, those words just aren’t going to hold up too well. So, might I suggest a visual illustration? I was really impressed by this clip of John Piper responding to the words of President Obama a few days after the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. In this clip, which is from a sermon at his church, Piper speaks truth directly into the situation in his resonse, but is somehow able to also express love and grace in the same context. I hope you will enjoy listening to his words as much as I have…

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