Our Most Important Stewardship

My primary purpose here is pastoral, not political. I am simply exhorting you to remember and consider your supreme and primary identity as ambassadors of King Jesus and His Kingdom. I am simply exhorting you to remember and consider your greatest stewardship; the one that comes before any other aspects of stewardship you consider. Our greatest stewardship is in regards to the gospel.

Pilgriming through the Valley of Weeping

I had the privilege of preaching through Psalm 84 this past Sunday with my faith family at Westwood. A significant portion of the Psalm offers the perspective of the people of God making what many believe to be a festive pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem. The completion of this journey offered the opportunity for... Continue Reading →

Idolatry & The Shack

To create a physical representation of the invisible God is to seek to render understandable that which is too great for our understanding. And when we do this, we inevitably diminish God. Always. And we do this in our own image, in our own likeness, in an attempt to portray God in the way we wish for others to see him. This is a serious violation of the person of God. Indeed, as many have written about the book The Shack, much can be said about the way that God is misrepresented.

How to Watch a Movie

I have this class this semester at Southeastern that I am really enjoying.  It is called Theology and Culture.  We are studying how a Christian should view the surrounding culture.  We have looked at several key theologians through the years who have dealt with this very issue, such as Augustine, Francis Schaeffer, Abraham Kuyper, and... Continue Reading →

A very sobering article

I want to apologize for not writing in so long. This is always the first thing to get pushed back when life gets full, which it is! I did, however, want to post a link to an article that I read this past weekend. It is very interesting, to say the least. It is not... Continue Reading →

Check this guy out!

It's been a long summer!! But in the midst of it, I stumbled upon this guy. He is a phenomenal musician. He also loves the Lord, which is evident in his music. He is a contestant on Nashville Star (and a finalist as of right now), which is a show that I never really got... Continue Reading →

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