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Idolatry & The Shack

To create a physical representation of the invisible God is to seek to render understandable that which is too great for our understanding. And when we do this, we inevitably diminish God. Always. And we do this in our own image, in our own likeness, in an attempt to portray God in the way we wish for others to see him. This is a serious violation of the person of God. Indeed, as many have written about the book The Shack, much can be said about the way that God is misrepresented.

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How to Watch a Movie

I have this class this semester at Southeastern that I am really enjoying.  It is called Theology and Culture.  We are studying how a Christian should view the surrounding culture.  We have looked at several key theologians through the years who have dealt with this very issue, such as Augustine, Francis Schaeffer, Abraham Kuyper, and C. S. Lewis.  The class has been one of my absolute favorites.  I want to actually provide some of what I am learning here. The first offering includes a section from my latest class lecture.  In it, Dr. Ashford provided us with 9 things that are in every movie.  If we are able to identify these 9 things, we will be able to properly follow the story line, the underlying message of the artist, and then critically interact with the film from the standpoint of the Gospel and a Christian perspective.  Here are the 9 things: 1. A Theme: This includes the “moral of the

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Favorite Christmas Song This Year

I am not a huge fan of Christmas music. I mean, I like it, but I’m not one of those people who can listen to it in the middle of July. I like to listen to it for about 3-4 weeks, and then I’m ready to put it away until next year. Anyway, there always seems to be one song that just really stands out to me every year. It’s the one song that I will want to listen to even when January comes along and the tree is put back up. This year the song is “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” by Casting Crowns. We had the opportunity to see them just a little over a week ago and see them sing this song live. It was probably the best Christmas concert I have ever been to, as not only Casting Crowns, but also Natalie Grant, Avalon and Denver and the Mile High Orchestra were performing. I

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A very sobering article

I want to apologize for not writing in so long. This is always the first thing to get pushed back when life gets full, which it is! I did, however, want to post a link to an article that I read this past weekend. It is very interesting, to say the least. It is not surprising, though, as it really is not very hard to see that this is the logical conclusion within the problematic framework of moral relativism. We need to take these findings, let them sting us in a powerful way and let them change the way we have begun to think and act. If not, these consequences will only be the tip of the iceburg as we pass this new way of thinking on to the next generation. Just follow the link below. Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at

Check this guy out!

It’s been a long summer!! But in the midst of it, I stumbled upon this guy. He is a phenomenal musician. He also loves the Lord, which is evident in his music. He is a contestant on Nashville Star (and a finalist as of right now), which is a show that I never really got into. Anyway, you can check out more about him and his music and stint on Nashville Star at So, enjoy this song and perhaps I’ll post some more of his stuff in the days ahead. Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at

More on the "pregnancy pact"

Click on the link below to read more about this so-called “pregnancy pact.” This article provides great points of view that I wish were being made by members of the secular media. The article also sheds some more light on the girls’ demeanors leading up to their pregnancies. The girls, who were all under the age of 16, by the way, all were reported to have been making frequent visits to the school clinic to take pregnancy tests. The article says that they seemed to be more upset when finding out they were not pregnant, than when the test was positive. Here is the article, in its entirety for you to read… heart goes out to these girls, as they apparently came to the conclusion that this was the only avenue they could take in order to feel a kind of unconditional love for which they longed. However, my heart goes out all the more for the children that these

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The Desensitization of the Media

This is running in Europe now, but I fear that all too soon this will be a reality in the US as well. This is especially true as states like California and Massachusettes seek to sway the voters’ minds on upcoming votes on marriage. The more this lifestyle is set before the eyes of viewers, the more natural and OK it will seem. This is going to be an interesting time between now and vote time in November. This is just the beginning. Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at