More on the "pregnancy pact"

Click on the link below to read more about this so-called "pregnancy pact." This article provides great points of view that I wish were being made by members of the secular media. The article also sheds some more light on the girls' demeanors leading up to their pregnancies. The girls, who were all under the... Continue Reading →

The Desensitization of the Media

This is running in Europe now, but I fear that all too soon this will be a reality in the US as well. This is especially true as states like California and Massachusettes seek to sway the voters' minds on upcoming votes on marriage. The more this lifestyle is set before the eyes of viewers,... Continue Reading →

"My faith isn’t the only way"

This is a pretty dissapointing article that I came across today. I couldn't believe the numbers at first, but then kind of came to the conclusion that over all (religious America), I really wasn't that surprised. If this doesn't spur us to seek sound doctrine and teach the basics of our faith with the next... Continue Reading →

Things that make you go hmmm…

Well, just a day after I wrote about the lyrics being changed in the song Shout to the Lord that had been sung by the contestants on American Idol on Tuesday night, they up and sing the song again on Wednesday night. But, the strange thing is, they left the word Jesus in this time.... Continue Reading →

Shout To The Lord, on Idol…

So, I am watching American Idol tonight. This is the week of Idol Gives Back, wherein so much money has been given in order to aid those who are suffering around the world. All of a sudden, I can't believe my ears as they announce the the show will be closed with the contestants singing... Continue Reading →

The Theology of Oprah

I am convinced (Praise the Lord!) that many Christians are beginning to see through some of the false claims to be a "Christian" by some who are in the limelight. However, I am certain that many are still deceived by claims of those such as Barrack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, who are no such thing.... Continue Reading →

With each new show that is introduced on TV these days, it seems that the industry has become nothing more than a competition to outdo one another's shamelessness. This is especially true when it comes to reality shows, it seems. Well, once again, we have a winner! Just several weeks ago, the ABC network introduced... Continue Reading →

A Simon Cowell Confession…

I admit it...I'm an American Idol fan. I, along with millions of other Americans, watched the premier of this season's contest. Now, over the past several years, I have become far less of a fan of the shows that showcase the preliminary rounds. The rudeness to contestants (some of which you can tell have mental... Continue Reading →

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