The Theology of Oprah

I am convinced (Praise the Lord!) that many Christians are beginning to see through some of the false claims to be a “Christian” by some who are in the limelight. However, I am certain that many are still deceived by claims of those such as Barrack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, who are no such thing. I read an article today that included a couple of quotes by Senator Obama that he spoke just recently on a campaign stop in Greensboro, NC. He basically makes the assertion that a belief in Jesus as Lord is not necessary for salvation. Now, for those of you who may still believe Obama to be a follower of Christ, does that add up?

You can read the short article for yourself at

The person who concerns me more than Obama, though, in leading countless people astray when it comes to the truths of God’s Word, is Oprah. I have heard her denounce the exclusivity of Jesus as Lord alone on several occasions. I have watched her not only accept but promote “The Answer,” which seeks to teach people how to somehow aid in the aligning of the universe so that good things will occur in their life. I have heard her endorse book after book in her book club that promote lifestyles and substance that stand in direct contradiction to the Word of God. I have witnessed her, time and time again, seek to mesh all religions into the same pot, promoting a sort of universalist outlook when it comes to salvation.

It worries me that despite this behavior that has been so prevalent on her show for years, that for the simple fact that she is so charitable and giving, so many are still tricked into believing that she must be a Christian. It makes me just want to scream, WAKE UP!! She does not do those things in the name of Jesus. Even though she is helping a lot of people by giving temporal gifts, she is greatly aiding in leading them into destruction when it comes to the eternal scope of things. She is NOT a Christian. Nor is Obama.

1 John commands us to “…test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” Too many Christians allow people like Oprah to have too much sway in the way they live their lives. That is dangerous, especially for a believer.

The latest? Well, I have been hearing rumblings of this new religion that Oprah has been promoting. I received an article about it today which explains it very clearly. I thought that I would pass it along. The religion, which is really more of a New Age movement, is called A Course in Miracles. She is apparently promoting it on her radio program and also offering a year-long course. Please read more about it by clicking the link below.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED! Cling to the Word and meditate on its Words. Size everything you hear up by its standards alone, and never the other way around.

Edit: This is pretty crazy, but just as I hit publish to post this blog, I get an email that pointed me to some youtube videos of this new spiritual class that Oprah is conducting. It would be well worth your time to spend some time watching these videos.

Here is the first. It is about 8 min long, and you should pay close attention especially to the last 2 1/2 minutes, or so. Wow.

Here is one more, which covers a little of the same stuff, but also offers some more of this particlar episode. I just can’t help but pray for this “Kelly” who has been a part of this show. I pray that someone will sit down with her and take the time to share with her the Truth.

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  1. That’s pretty cool! my mom sent me the e-mail with these videos too and she asked me if she should send it to you since your doing that spring retreat in May and I told her SURE! It’s really cool how God works!~Sarah-Marie~

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