With each new show that is introduced on TV these days, it seems that the industry has become nothing more than a competition to outdo one another’s shamelessness. This is especially true when it comes to reality shows, it seems. Well, once again, we have a winner! Just several weeks ago, the ABC network introduced its new reality gameshow, The Moment of Truth. Participants of this show are basically asked yes or no questions and must answer those questions truthfully in order to win more and more money. The contestants have previously answered these questions while hooked up to a polygraph machine, in order to prove the truthfulness of their answers. No problem, right? Well, if nothing else, this television show is simply proving the major deterioration in morality that is taking place in our society. I have come to the conclusion that this show is nothing more than Jerry Springer turned gameshow. Each question, it seems, is a potential family wrecker, or marriage breaker.

Take for instance the previews for this next Monday’s all new episode. It features a woman in the truth seat and the host bringing her ex-boyfriend out to ask the next question. His question is, “if you knew that i was willing for us to get back together, would you leave your husband in order to do so?” The wife responds, “in order to be truthful…yes.” The camera then pans to the husband who can only bow his head into his hands. This scenario (the fact that it is the highlight chosen to be in the preview in order to hook viewers) begs the question, this is entertaining to us? Watching people’s deepest secrets being exposed on national television as their family is torn apart in the name of making some easy cash has become the fun thing to do on a Monday night? All I can say is, wow.

This trash is despicable. But, I have found that I’m not sure which is worse: the fact that we watch this for entertainment or the fact that this only proves that we are nothing more than a society of liars. I mean, I’m sure that the producers of this show will never run short on finding an abundance of contestants with skeletons in their closet that can easily be exposed. I wonder how many of us (including and especially Christians) would squirm at the thought of being hooked to a polygraph as someone questions our integrity with our family and loved ones looking on? I mean, for how many of us would this scenario be a potential family wrecker, or marriage breaker? I am convinced that a vast majority of Americans have at least one secret, that if exposed, would bring major damage to his/her marriage or family relationships. How sad is that? The only answer I have, is it is shockingly just a little bit more sad than the fact that this show gets ratings for such dispicable content.

If you are a Christian, don’t watch this program. All it is good for is feeding our sinful nature to want more and more of the gossip and slander that can ravage our relationship with God and our usefuless to Him. I would say also that for anyone who would enjoy watching such a spectacle says much about the status of the heart. This kind of thing should break our hearts for so many that are hurting because of these lies, rather than be a source of entertainment. God, help us as a nation.

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