Emma’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & First Snow

First, Emma’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…she would like everyone to know that she will be a BIG SISTER! Erin is probably only 5-6 weeks along, but we had that new confirmed just this week and we are all so excited! I guess the phrase that sums it up for us is, “Here we go again!” Please be praying for Erin and for the baby’s health during the coming months.

OK, now that that is out, we had an incredible time this morning watching Emma enjoy her first taste of snow. We really weren’t expecting any, but we woke up to find a couple of inches on the ground and couldn’t wait to get her out in it. I really thought that she would not be happy and feel stuck, but she really seemed to enjoy it. I think her favorite part, apart from walking around, was eating the snow that was on her glove! Anyway, there is a picture up top, and here is just a short 30-second video of her enjoying the morning.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Emma’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & First Snow

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS and I can’t believe the once wednesay I can’t come back, we got snow… lots of it.. thats just wrong and not fair! But I’m Glad Emma liked it!

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