Good Sermon Application

You ever hear something so simplistic and obvious, yet it just resonates with you as some new revelation? Well, it happens to me all the time, it seems. The other day in class my Theology professor shared how one famous preacher provided application to every one of his sermons. This has proven helpful for me as both a preacher, myself, and as a hearer of sermons. If you seek application in this way every week you hear the Word preached, it will surely result in change as you apply the Word. All in all, this is a great way to heed the call of James 1:22-25. This preacher advanced the idea that every believer is called to 4 specific locations in his/her life by the providence of God. These 4 areas include the following: 1. My family2. My church3. My workplace4. My community After hearing the preaching of the Word each week, simply ask yourself how the truth of the

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The Gospel is Absolutely Central

We must seek to understand the gospel before we can properly understand or pursue Christian living. So often we get this backward. We are satisfied with having only a surface understanding of the gospel and seeking to understand how to live daily as a Christian becomes a more important and practical endeavor. The problem is, though, that if we do not fully understand the gospel (or at least continue to grow in our understanding of it), the pursuit of proper Christian living will ultimately result in two very ugly manifestations. First, without properly understanding grace, we stand the chance of becoming frustrated and stop pursuing Christian living altogether. Grace reminds us that there is absolutely nothing that I can do today to earn the favor of God. It reminds us that the only righteousness we have and can ever hope for is the righteousness of Christ that is wrapped around us that he earned through his sinless and perfect life

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What is the G.O.S.P.E.L.

Watch this video. Jody Jennings showed this video before he preached for campus church this past Sunday morning at NGU.  I was captivated by it.  I wanted to post it for a couple of reasons. 1. It is SPOT ON regarding the Gospel message.  In a time when much of the Gospel is being lost and/or blurred, this guy presents the Gospel in a way that is clear, concise and relevant.  Some of the one-liners in here are just incredible and definitely tweet-worthy (look for those soon from @jasonengle)! 2. This is an incredible example of contextualization.  This guy’s message is doctrinally-sound, but it is also relevant to a young generation who appreciate messages presented in this fashion.  We must contextualize the Gospel…but, we must do so without changing the Gospel.  I pray that many young people would see this video and attain a clear understanding of what the story of Scripture is and what the Gospel says. Original Post

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Paradigms Must Change

Last night in my evangelism class we discussed the need for certain paradigms in the church to change. My professor, Dr. Alvin Reid, has dealt with this in his book, Evangelism Handbook. Last night he showed us a chart that included some of the changes that would need to take place, for instance, to cause a shift from having a mindset of maintaing an institution to advancing a movement. This is good insight that includes some much needed changes within the church landscape if a proper approach to the current culture is to be attained. The currently held views stemming from the maintenance mindset is on the lefts, with the needed mindset shift on the right. From:                                                         To:I GO to church              –>             

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Driscoll on ‘reformission’

“Reformission is ultimate about being like Jesus, through his empowering grace. One of the underlying keys to reformission is knowing That neither freedom of Christ nor our freedom in Christ is intended to permit us to dance as close to sin as possible without crossing the line. But both are intended to permit us to dance as close to sinners as possible by crossing the lines that unnecessarily separate the people God has found from those he is still seeking…It is imperative that Christians be like Jesus, by living freely within the culture as missionaries who are as faithful to the Father and his gospel as Jesus as in his own time and place.”                                                                                   – Mark Driscoll, “Radical Reformission” – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad – Original Post found at Visit Momentum Student Ministry at

My brother is ‘missional’

I am very proud of my brother, Eric. I always have been, but tonight God used his approach to life to convict me as we worked through our “How People Change” material in our Life Group. Let me explain. Eric has had some really incredible job and ministry opportunities over the past several years. He has worked at InTouch ministry, led by Charles Stanley. He has worked with Todd Freel, from Way of the Master, and his show “Wretched”. He then had the opportunity to work with Southern Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler in the production of his radio show. Pretty incredible are the opportunities he has had. As the door closed and brought his work at Southern to an end, he found himself working a warehouse job outside of Louisville…not exactly as exciting as the others! To make matters worse, he is working a whole lot of hours, and horrible hours, at that! Well, my first reaction (and continuing

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“A son honors his father, and a servant his master.  If then I am a father, where is my honor?  And if I am a master, where is my fear? says the Lord of hosts to you, O priests, who despise my name.”  (Malachi 1:6)  I simply do not like to be disrespected.  Whether it is my daughter disrespecting me with her words or a student who is being a distraction during the time that I am teaching, few things can fuel my anger more.  Perhaps this is why the message of Malachi stings my heart with such conviction this morning.  As much as I hate to be disrespected, how much more do I disrespect my Lord with my half-hearted response to him as God?  The priest’s response to this is to almost apathetically ask “How have we despised you?”  I tend to offer the same question, though, in my own apathy sometimes.  Yet, that question alone is a sign

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5 Things for which I am So Thankful

1. I am thankful for my beautiful bride.  I knew the first time I ever saw her just how beautiful she is on the outside.  It is during these past 7 years of marriage, though, that I continue to find out just how incredibly beautiful she is on the inside.  God has richly and graciously blessed me.  I do not deserve her love.  Lord, help me to love her in a sanctifying way.  Help me to love her in a way that reflects my deep feelings for her.  Forgive me when in selfishness and sin I fail to do so. 2. I am thankful for 2 healthy, beautiful children.  Emma is almost 4, and even though she can frustrate me to no end, I love her dearly and am so proud of her.  She is amazingly smart and is the ultimate girly-girl.  She has her mama’s beauty and her daddy’s temper.  (What goes around, comes around!)  Elijah is 14 months

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Personal Inventory

One of the greatest applications that we have derived from our study in Hebrews 6 is the fact that we should all take part in frequent and transparent self-inventory.  Taking such assessment of where we are in our faith journey and striving to see how we are growing in our faith and in obedience as disciples is a great way to gain assurance in our salvation while making it extremely difficult to ever fall away.  Simply put, it is a great way to heed the warnings of Hebrews and take our salvation very seriously. In one of my classes this past week, our professors instructed our class to spend the 3-hour class time taking a personal retreat.  We were challenged to spend that time with nothing but a Bible and a journal in communication with the Lord.  Leading up to this time of retreat, our professors gave us a couple of tools to use in preparation for such a time. 

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