"But God, being rich in mercy…"

Grace: Getting something we do not deserve. We as Christians love to think and speak about the grace of God.  We love to meditate on it and be reminded of it often.  We enjoy singing about it and ask for it in almost every prayer.  God’s grace is amazing.  It is central to the message of the Gospel.  We do not deserve what Christ has done for us in making atonement for our sins.  In fact, Paul reminds us that “in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8)  He loved us first.  What he did was totally and completely unmerited.  It’s not as if God looked down and, seeing the heart-felt attempts of humanity to make their way back to him, sent Jesus after being motivated by compassion to offer us a sacrifice.  No, humanity had utterly and completely rejected him.  We chose our own pursuits.  We worshiped ourselves.  Christ’s death is a thoroughly gracious

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Hebrews 5 & 6 and the Necessity of Small Community

As I continue to think through our current passage of Scripture from our study through Hebrews I can’t help but attain even stronger convictions concerning the necessity of every believer to be a part of a small community in addition to a weekly large-group worship gathering. Again, the author’s warning in this and other passages in Hebrews are to be taken seriously. They are to be met with a desire by every believer to strive in every way possible to take constant inventory of how the Gospel is being manifested in his/her life. After all, it is ‘good works’ that serve as a pointer to the reality of true salvation in the life of a believer. Good works do not and cannot save, but they are evidence of a life that has been transformed by the Gospel through the Holy Spirit. In other words, a saved life will be a changed life. There will be tangible evidence of true salvation.

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"I have finished the race…"

The last several weeks at Westwood have been filled with rich content from the Word of God. Our journey through the end of the 5th chapter and beginning of the 6th chapter of Hebrews has afforded us all an opportunity to drink deeply. But it has also (hopefully) challenged us in seeking to properly interpret a very difficult and widely debated section of Scripture. In the end, though, I pray that we have all been called to take inventory of exactly where we stand in relation to a Holy God while understanding the serious warnings of neglecting the great salvation we have in Christ. As I sat in my class at Southeastern on Monday listening to my professor walk us through the book of 2 Timothy, I couldn’t help but recall the teaching we have heard from Hebrews 6. This was especially the case as we looked at chapter 4, as Paul wrote to Timothy these words in light of

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Gripped by Fear

As I left my house on Saturday night to run a short errand, my eyes became fixed on Sirius, one of the biggest stars in our small neck of the universe. I recalled a talk by Louie Giglio that I had seen recently wherein he used the size of the stars to point to the enormity of God. My thought, as I gazed at the star, was that the same God who holds that massive star in place, and even spoke it into existence, is the same God that holds my life together and in place. I have been convicted lately that much of my life is gripped with fear. I spend too much time playing the “what if” game. I have actually felt afraid to even consider the incredible ways that God could use me for his glory because I know that this is best accomplished in many cases in the midst of suffering and hardship! In transparency I

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Some Sobering News about Teen Pregnancy/Abortion

According to this article from the USA Today, it appears that we experienced a very large increase in teen pregnancy and abortion last year. In recent years, the percentage of teens who became pregnant has been around 3%. However, last year saw 7% of teens becoming pregnant. Now, that might seem like a small number, but it is not! Nor is the increase. That is a BIG jump! So, what should our response be? We can discuss that, but the incredible rise demands that we address it. At the very least we have to be willing to get over our awkwardness and be willing to start talking about it. The article is linked below… http://ow.ly/10FF6 Original Post found at http://www.momentumblog-jason.blogspot.com. Visit Momentum Student Ministry at http://www.westwoodmomentum.org.

Elijah is 6-weeks-old!!

It’s so hard to believe, but Elijah turned 6-weeks-old this week! God has blessed us so much with our beautiful children, and it is difficult even still to believe that we have 2 youngens! But God has been so good to us. Both of our kids are beautiful and healthy, and we thank him for his tremendous grace and the calling he has placed on our lives to be parents. Original Post found at http://www.momentumblog-jason.blogspot.com. Visit Momentum Student Ministry at http://www.westwoodmomentum.org.