5 Things for which I am So Thankful

1. I am thankful for my beautiful bride.  I knew the first time I ever saw her just how beautiful she is on the outside.  It is during these past 7 years of marriage, though, that I continue to find out just how incredibly beautiful she is on the inside.  God has richly and graciously blessed me.  I do not deserve her love.  Lord, help me to love her in a sanctifying way.  Help me to love her in a way that reflects my deep feelings for her.  Forgive me when in selfishness and sin I fail to do so.

2. I am thankful for 2 healthy, beautiful children.  Emma is almost 4, and even though she can frustrate me to no end, I love her dearly and am so proud of her.  She is amazingly smart and is the ultimate girly-girl.  She has her mama’s beauty and her daddy’s temper.  (What goes around, comes around!)  Elijah is 14 months and handsome as he can be.  His smile makes my heart jump.  I love the fact that his favorite toy is a ball-any type of ball-and that he meets me with one every time I come home.  I cannot wait until he is old enough to play catch with!  Lord, help me to love my children well.  Help me to display both tenderness and strength.  I pray that my children would come to know and worship you with all of their hearts.  Help Erin and I to lead Emma and Elijah to live a life that honors you as they grown in the knowledge of Christ and the gospel.

3. I am thankful for the calling that God has placed on my life and the church he has called me to serve.  I am thankful for the great privilege of serving along side of men like Gerald, Jonathan and Jim.  These are men that I continue to learn from and men I want to be like.  I love my church’s heart for the nations and the way they bless their leadership.  I love the way they love my family.  Erin and I have developed wonderful relationships with so many people at Westwood.  We are thankful for those friendships.  We miss friends that have moved on to different stages in life.  Lord, help me walk in a manner worthy of the calling you have given me.  Thank you for my church.

4. I am thankful for my family.  I am thankful for an immediate family who knows and loves Jesus.  I am thankful for Eric’s heart.  He has a one-of-a-kind heart.  He loves Jesus passionately and wants to serve him in all that he does.  Cameron has a heart for ministry and is driven by a heart that desires to know God more deeply.  I am thankful for the desire that God is placing in Kyle’s heart for the nations.  I thank God for their salvation and desire to serve God with their lives.  I thank God for a mom and dad who love me and support me the way they do.  I love them and miss them terribly.  I am thankful for Erin’s mom, dad and sister, Malcolm, Ann and Laurin (and Blane), who love our children so much and have welcomed me into their family so warmly.

5. I am thankful for Jesus.  I am overwhelmed by his mercy as I contemplate what I deserve because of my sin and propensity to place my affection in things other than my Creator and Lord.  He is indeed gracious, good and kind.  I am thankful for the cross, the place where an innocent Jesus willingly took upon the wrath of God, becoming an atonement for MY sin.  I am thankful for his resurrection and the life that I now realize and hope for because of its reality.  I am thankful for the gospel.  Lord, help me to be a courageous messenger of the hope that is found in Christ.  Help me to put nothing in a place of higher importance.  Thank you, Jesus, for the reconciliation with God that is mine through you.

What are 5 things for which you are thankful?  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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