My brother is ‘missional’

I am very proud of my brother, Eric. I always have been, but tonight God used his approach to life to convict me as we worked through our “How People Change” material in our Life Group. Let me explain.

Eric has had some really incredible job and ministry opportunities over the past several years. He has worked at InTouch ministry, led by Charles Stanley. He has worked with Todd Freel, from Way of the Master, and his show “Wretched”. He then had the opportunity to work with Southern Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler in the production of his radio show. Pretty incredible are the opportunities he has had.

As the door closed and brought his work at Southern to an end, he found himself working a warehouse job outside of Louisville…not exactly as exciting as the others! To make matters worse, he is working a whole lot of hours, and horrible hours, at that!

Well, my first reaction (and continuing reaction) has been to try to spur him past this (what I have hoped is only a temporary) job, sending him prospective opportunities and praying that God would move soon. My brother’s mindset, however, has been totally different. He has not complained, belly-ached or spoken ill of his opportunity. Instead, he has embraced this opportunity to be a missionary.

In his short couple of months working in this secular atmosphere, he has told me of counseling opportunities he has seized, relationships built, Bibles given to co-workers, invitations to church that have been accepted, Muslim friends with whom he is walking through the Scriptures, etc…

What is a missionary? What does it mean to be missional? Ask my brother. Better yet, watch him.

God has saved us and he has sent us. We are all called to be missionaries…wherever we find ourselves. I heard someone say once that God never blows an assignment. My brother believes that. That’s why he is doing more ministry right now in his secular, monotonous warehouse job than he did in all of his incredible ‘ministry’ opportunities. This job has surrounded him with nonbelievers, thereby affording a multitude of opportunities to minister and serve for the sake of the gospel.

Eric: thanks bro for allowing Christ to use you. May he increase your tribe. Thanks for allowing Jesus to use you to teach me. I pray that God will use you to bring many into the Kingdom! I love you, miss you and can’t wait to hear more stories from your work on your mission field

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  1. Thanks bro! I truly look up to you in incredible ways as well! I do miss you guys a whole lot! The Canada trip might very well be a yes for me! I will definitely have enough paid time off to join you! I just have to see if that week is open for me to take.

  2. I loved the blog and agree with you about Eric. When I think of the trips you have led in, and been a part of I belive your are pretty “mission minded” yourself. Dad and I are proud of all you boys. Our hearts are truly blessed by how each of you desire to serve the Lord. We are also moved by your love and support of one another. Love you son.

  3. Eric Engle is a wonderful young man and a great gift to Christ's Kingdom. One of the things I most miss about not doing daily radio now is that I do not get to see Eric daily. Thanks for this encouraging reminder — I am glad I came across it. — Albert Mohler

  4. Thanks so much Dr. Mohler! That means a lot coming from you! I cannot express how much I miss being a part of the radio ministry! It was a true blessing to work alongside you in the pursuit to communicate the gospel to everyone who listened!

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