No Such Thing as a Blank Space Christian

Recently, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary adopted a new official hymn.  They selected a beautiful new song written by Keith and Krysten Getty entitled, “For the Cause.”  I love being a student (yet again!) at this wonderful Seminary.  I appreciate their heart for the gospel, and especially their vision to see “every classroom a Great Commission classroom.”  From good experience, I can honestly say that vision provides the engine that drives each and every classroom on their campus.  This is why this hymn fits the Seminary so very well.  I have posted a video of this song that the Getty’s have created in cooperation with Southeastern.  If you haven’t had a chance to hear this song or see this video, please take a few minutes and do that.  Besides the blessing I know it will be for you, I would like to offer some thoughts as I have reflected on it, myself.

Isn’t that an awesome call to mission?  Did you notice the people throughout holding the circular white cards?  Each person had filled in the blank, “I am going to _______________.”  I love the variety shown throughout the video that features students and administration from the school.  There is variety in location, from domestic locations to global.  There is variety of vocation, from missionaries and ministries to working with children and even being a barber!

Here is a question for you.  What does your blank contain?  Think about it.  “I am going to _______________.”  How would you fill in that blank?

There are a few lies that I believe Christians are prone to buy when thinking about that question.  The first is that the only ones who can fill in the blank are those who are “professional” Christians, or those who are called to vocational ministry, such as pastoring or ‘career’ missions.  Others believe that they may only fill in the blank with the name of a physical place somewhere over ‘there,’ to which they will travel on a mission trip.

As I have reflected on this video, one thought continues to resonate in my mind: There is no such thing as a blank space Christian.  This is because every Christian is a Great Commission Christian.  We have all been commissioned to make disciples as we are going. Wherever we are going.

Now, perhaps you believe that your fill-in is not as exciting as some others.  But make no mistake, whatever exists in your blank is filled with meaning and purpose.  God has sovereignly placed you in a position of gospel influence.  That may be in some exotic spot around the world in order to influence people who have never heard the name of Jesus, or it may be right there inside your home, simply caring for your children today, as you do every day.  It might be in a church office preparing a sermon for this Sunday, or spending another 9 to 5 at the bank.  God has called us to join in his great agenda of seeing rebellious sinners transferred from darkness to light and seeing those who have been transferred press on into maturity in Christ Jesus.  And he is at work doing that in every place, every single day.

Filling in that blank space fills us with purpose and intention as we join God in that great work.  The problem with leaving that space blank is not a lack of place to go, but rather a forsaking of the mission given to us by our King.  So as you face your day today and every day, how is your blank space filled?

Jesus is Lord of all Creation, and he sends his redeemed into every area of this fallen world so that all people may know him and come to worship him!  Let’s fill in our blanks and go on that mission with him today!

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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