Operation Inasmuch & New Emma Video

Our church participated in a state-wide servant evangelism event called Operation Inasmuch on Saturday (4/19). Our student ministry decided to participate by having a goodie blitz on the community just behind the church and offering them a free car wash for later in the day. Upon passing out free goodies, we also asked folks if we could pray for them and any specific needs they may have had. The day was incredible, to say the least.

I was so encouraged as I saw the excitement in the eyes of the students as they shared stories of interactions they had with people. They spoke of the amazement in their eyes as they learned that someone was giving them FREE goodies, and not asking for anything in return. They shared of the people’s responses upon being asked if they could be prayed for.

All in all, I was struck with the sheer hoplessness that is found in people who have no relation with Jesus. Our group had a couple of people begin to cry when we asked if we could pray for them. One lady responded to one of our group’s request to pray by saying, “Sure, you can pray, but praying doesn’t help.”

We must be more passionate and intentional about sharing the hope of the Gospel with these people who live less than 200 feet away from our church! We must show them through the love of Christ that prayer does make a difference and that hope can only be found in the transforming power of Jesus.

As I thought on these things yesterday a song came on the radio that really provided an exclamation point to my thoughts. I searched for it on the radio and found out that it is called “The Twenty-First Time,” by Monk and Neagle. I actually found a video of them performing it live, which I have posted below. May it challenge you as it has me.
Also, here is a new Emma video. Hope you enjoy it as well.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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