Some new Emma stuff

I decided to just share about Emma this week. Perhaps I’ll get inspired and actually write something later in the week, but for now, just Emma.

As you know, she began walking a couple of weeks ago. Well, she’s everywhere now! The only time she crawls is when she needs to get to something to pull up on in order to start walking again. She is so much fun to watch.

Along with the walking, she’s begun a few more new’s lately. First, she will (sometimes) wave at people when we tell her to. It’s funny, because most of the time she waves with her hand facing her, so it looks like she is waving to herself. Second, she has begun giving kisses. She gives kisses to Mommy, Daddy, her baby doll, Garfield, basically anyone we tell her to give one to. That is Erin’s favorite thing, so far. Third, she has begun to clap. It was like the light bulb went on one Sunday after church. We were showing off her walking skills to some friends and all of a sudden she clapped her hands together. She’s been doing it ever since.

Well, that’s what is going on with Emma. We are loving being parents and are enjoying our first Christmas season with our baby girl. I also wanted to show you these short videos. First is one of Emma walking around in our living room. The second is of Emma walking, then giving the camera a kiss. Hope you enjoy them!

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