Pointing to Jesus this Christmas season

I have just finished reading an incredible book by David Nasser, entitled Glory Revealed. The book has 20 short chapters, in which David uses 10 different Scriptures to show how the glory of God is revealed in us and through us. If you are looking for a devotion-type book, I would highly recommend it to you! I have been reading it for some time, coming back to it occasionally, until last night I finally read the final chapter, called Glory Revealed Through Preparation. In this chapter, Nasser uses the analogy of the glory of the red carpet scene that we see on television all the time. This scene is always buzzing with crowds, celebrities and the media. David speaks of all the preparation that must take place in order for this spectacle to occur. He shares how important the red carpet is, letting people know that this is going to be an event to remember. However, when the crowds show up, no one is awe-struck by the red carpet, itself. People are focused on the celebrities who find themselves on the red carpet. In many ways, we are called the lay out the red carpet that points to the presence of Jesus.

David writes:

“It’s the church’s responsibility to roll out the red caret for Jesus on the earth. To be a voice that causes people to stop and take notice. To sweep the landscape of our hearts and our culture so that people will begin to anticipate something so great that a crowd naturally assembles. To get people to stop and ask, ‘why are you doing what you’re doing?’ So that when they see us stand up, they can’t help but do the same. We’re preparing the way for Jesus. When we live our lives as arrows pointing to Him, we are preparing the way for Christ to be known to others.”

Now, on the surface, this chapter has nothing to do with Christmas, specifically. But, as I read it, I thought it voiced such a wonderful challenge for us during this Christmas season. I mean, there is no greater time for us to be ‘arrows pointing to Jesus’ than this time of the year. People may be more open to speaking of spiritual topics than any other time. Let’s roll out the red carpet for Jesus to show up and do something spectacular in our lives over the next couple of weeks. You never know how God just might want to reveal His glory through you during this time.

So, instead of letting greed set in, instead of just being grumpy about how society continues to fight to take God out of the season, let’s instead be the biggest, brightest arrows we can possibly be, and ask God to draw others to Himself as we point to the Savior in all we do this Christmas season!

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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