Just in case you missed it…Jodie Meeks went OFF last night against Tennessee…AT Tennessee. I think the fact that this occured at Tennessee takes his performance from great to extraordinary.

Jodie broke a couple of incredible records. The first was for most three pointers in a game (10), previously held by Tony Delk (9). He also broke one of the greatest records in all of NCAA basketball in jumping Dan Issel (53) for most points scored in a single game (54). This has got to be in the top 3 for all-time performances in the history of the SEC by an individual player. They said during the game last night that he scored the most points by any SEC player since Chris Jackson scored 55 points in a game in 1989 for LSU. That is incredible. It is going to be a fun to watch Meeks during the duration of the SEC schedule this year. Coaches are going to have their hands full, as a double team on Meeks opens the door for players like Patterson to really succeed. I do not envy them in their preparation!

In the meantime, congrats to Jodie, and GO CATS! Here are the highlights from Sportscenter, in case you missed it…

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