New Movie Warning

Hey guys! I just wanted to issue a strong warning and challenge about an upcoming movie that, I believe, hits theatres tomorrow.
First of all, allow me to be a little transparent. I love funny movies. Many of you already know this about me. You’ve probably heard me quote several of them in recent days. I think that Adam Sandler & Kevin James are two of the funniest men in the world. To tell you the truth, I have watched some Adam Sandler movies that I probably shouldn’t have. Anyway, I just wanted to share that the new movie starring these two guys, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is one that we need to stay far away from.
Now, this is going to be quite a temtation because we know these two actors to be quite funny, and we know Jessica Biel to be quite good looking. Therefore, many have already made their mind up to go and see it as soon as it hits the theatres. However, everything that this movie is about is against God’s Word.
For the past couple of days, as is the case when new movies come out, the stars of this movie have been on various morning and talk shows. I have seen them on at least 3 shows that I can remember in the mornings as I prepared to come to the office. Every single time that I have seen them interviewed, the purpose for this film has come out and been discussed. Sure, the film promotes humor and friendship, but the overwhelming purpose for it is to promote homosexuality as normal and correct. Apparently, before Sandler and James’ characters decide to fake a marriage to each other, they are portrayed as homophobic and bigots. As they enter into their fake union, however, they come to attain more sympathy for people who truly are gay. The film is to help the public attain that same sympathy. I can see that this is contrary to God’s Word in two major ways (as if I had to spell it out):
1. Homosexuality is an abomination to God. It is simply not a normal and correct lifestyle according to His Word. You cannot read the first chapter of Romans and come to any other conclusion. Whether we want to beleive this or not: to watch this movie is to compromise His Word and to promote that kind of a lifestyle. Now, don’t get me wrong, and please understand this…homosexuality is not what sends people to hell, and I am not saying that God hates homosexuals and we should treat them with disdain. We must understand that God’s Word tells us that our sin nature and refusing the Gospel message is what will ultimately be the reason that people end up in hell. Homosexuality is simply a symptom of sin. We need to understand that by going and watching this movie, we are promoting a symptom of sin that is keeping people blind from the Gospel and separated from God.
On a side note, let me share this. I have heard several people on TV lately who confess to be Christains while at the same time promoting the belief that homosexuals are that way because they are born and created as such. (Oprah being one of them!) Can you see the huge contradiction in that statement? Is God not Sovereign? Is He not in control? Why would a God, who has told us through His Word that homosexuality is an abonination, create people for homosexuality? That view is simply false. Do not buy into that outlook simply because someone who professes to be a Christian says it is true.
2. This movie promotes a movement that seeks to breakdown the very foundation and sanctity of marriage. By promoting sympathy for the homosexual lifestyle, we become more inclined to want to see them be able to enjoy that lifestyle as a normal couple through marriage. We have already established that this lifestyle is not normal, according to God’s Word. We need to also see that God created marriage for one woman and one man to become one flesh and glorify Him through a sacred union. This film is yet another attempt by Hollywood to advance the cause of gay marriage. Do not be decieved!
The conclusion is simple…stay away from this movie. Do not go a see it. When your friends ask you why you haven’t seen it, you will have a great opportunity to share about God’s Word. Now, you may bear the reproach of Christ as you step outside the camp of the world’s system (Heb. 13), but God will honor and bless you because of that. And, I believe He will draw people into a relationship with Him through you!
As I have said before, the wrong question to ask is, “what is sin and what is not sin?” We will always come up with a justification when asking that question. The correct question is, “will/does this honor God?” I don’t think any one of us can come up with any answer to that question than a resounding NO as we think about going to see this film.
If you would like to read more about this film, please click here. You will be redirected to our ministry website, and to plugged-in online.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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