Friday Roundup (9/21)

1. Please be in prayer for Erin. She is very excited about the future, as she has decided to start her own business from home selling Arbonne products. Some very good friends of ours are a part of the company and have enjoyed it so far. As of now, Erin’s launch date is the last weekend in October. She will learn much more then, as well as have her first several classes that weekend. Erin really desires to be able to work from home so that she can be with Emma during the day…everyday…as much as possible. This will enable her to work during naptime and do classes at night. The last thing we are hoping to gain out of this is to get rich! We simply pray that this will enable Erin to do something that she enjoys, while simply helping us with what we need financially each month. So, we covet your prayers as Erin begins this new season of her life.

2. Huge game this week for the CATS! Nothing can take away from the win they enjoyed last week over the cards, but a win this week would put any thoughts of that win being a fluke to rest. This win would solidify UK as a top 25 football team, as well as just add to the already high confidence of last weekend. I believe that UK will be able to suppress Arkansas’ rushing attack better than they will be able to do so to the UK air attack. My prediction: UK 42 – Ark 38.

3. As far as the Student Ministry goes, we will have See You At The Pole events this week, so no Student Worship at church on Wednesday night. I am excited about the next week, because we will begin our new Student Life unit called, Character. In this unit, we will spend the next year going through the Old Testament, something we simply do not do nearly enough. We will learn of the history of God’s people, as well as look at the character of those who make up that history. So, pray for us, that students will embrace God’s Word (even the OT! :)) and that they would learn what having a heart set on God is all about.

4. I wanted to add a couple of videos of Emma. As most of you know by now, she has been crawling for a couple of weeks, which makes it now impossible to keep up with her fully! She is so active! She actually has decided, as of today, to try standing (which she has accomplished beside our couch a couple of short times!) So, enjoy these videos…

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