The Truth about the Dress

The internet sure proved to be a strange place yesterday, didn't it!?  Llamas and a dress temporarily took all of our minds off of some of the heavy news headlines of our day, and it seemed as though everyone gladly embraced the light-hearted reprieve. I first saw this dress last evening in a post on... Continue Reading →

Our Lives as Celebration

Our family had the awesome opportunity to see Rend Collective in concert this past Friday night.  I have wanted to see them live for some time, so this was a real treat for me!  If you are not familiar with Rend, they are a worship band from Ireland; although, on Friday night they actually referred to... Continue Reading →

Jesus is Our Ark

In light of the coming flood of judgment thousands of years ago, God provided a means of salvation.  He commanded his servant Noah to build an ark.  The Scriptures tell us that in the construction of that ship only 1 door was placed.  That door alone provided the only means of salvation from the coming flood.... Continue Reading →

“All Lives Matter”

We have all seen the following tagline shouted, posted and displayed in so many different ways: ________________ lives matter! No matter how you fill in the blank, the statement carries equal amounts of truth. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Police lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. Disenfranchised lives matter. Gay lives matter. Outcast lives matter. Female... Continue Reading →

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