Encouragement in light of Resurrection Power

I had the honor of speaking at our sunrise service yesterday.  Here are some thoughts that I shared as we celebrated the empty tomb together. As our pastor has been preaching through portions of Acts in anticipation of Easter, I have once again realized just how central the resurrection of Jesus was to the message the Apostles first proclaimed.  In fact, the resurrection served as the context for everything communicated to the church in the New Testament.  I, on the other hand, have come to realize that I only seem to think of the power of the resurrection as something occurring only on the day that Jesus rose from the dead.  If I apply it to my own life at all, perhaps just in the context of the day God saved me.  However, over the past week or so, I have been reminded that the same power that resurrected Jesus from the dead is the same power that exists within

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A Picture of Gospel Faithfulness

My daily reading/journaling included the narrative of Noah and the Flood from Genesis 6-7 recently. As I read through that passage for what has to be the hundredth time, something stuck out to me that I had never really paid attention to before. I noticed that the phrase, …[Noah] did all that God commanded him… is repeated 4 times in those verses. It is stated in verse 22 of chapter 6, as well as in verses 5, 9, and 16 of chapter 7. For the first time I realized how powerful this simple statement reads in the context of Noah. I realized that the faithfulness to which God called Noah is the same faithfulness that he calls his people to today.

Some thoughts on the Public/Home/Christian School Debate

My good friend and partner in the gospel, Ron Young (Church planter in Quebec), posted an article on Facebook this past week by Dr. Albert Mohler.  The article is linked below, but offers an overview of the evolution of public education.  This evolution has not been a good one, and Dr. Mohler clearly offers a solemn warning to parents whose children roam the halls of public schools in the present day.  I very much appreciated Ron posting the article, and even more the brief discussion that followed.  As I continued to think through that conversation and this issue, I sat down and began typing some of my thoughts out.  I understand this can be a touchy subject for many, but I also believe that just because an issue is touchy shouldn’t mean that we as believers have to avoid it.  I hope that you will see in my thoughts below that I am not using this post to advocate a

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