Prayer for Hungary Team

Please be in prayer for our student ministry Hungary mission team as we travel and minister over the next 12 days. The members of the team are…

Jason Engle

Jerry Clayton

Marjorie Clayton

Catherine Wilson

Caitlin Rauscher

Hannah Reynolds

Sarah-Marie Rosin

Charity Sharpe

Please pray especially for Hannah tonight and tomorrow as there is a chance she will not be able to join us on the trip. We will be asking for special favor from the airline tomorrow at the airport because of the circumstance.

We will be leading English language camps for 5 days in Szarvas, which is the town in which Zsolti leaves and ministers. I (Jason) will hve the opportunity to preach both at Zsolti’s house church in Szarvas, as well as in the church he pastors in Condros on Sunday, the 28th. Like last time, there is a good chance that the Szarvas service will be televised and broadcasted to the whole city. Please pray that people will watch and that the gospel would be presented clearly.

As with the Raleigh trip last week, I will be providing updates about our trip, complete with pictures, as much as possible. So, please keep checking back. I will be adding this entry to my personal blog, as well, so if you want to see the updates keep checking back at

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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