Reflections of Resurrection Day

The Resurrection is everything.

It is the greatest validation in history of Jesus’ identity as God and Savior.

It is the power in our living, preaching and faith.

It is the hope on which our faith rests.

In the words of Dr. Dell Tackett, “Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?” This is a question that demands an answer from actions, not words. So the question must be…

Does your life point to the validity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave? Does the way you live your life reveal the reality of the Resurrection? The truth is this: if we truly believe in the Resurrection, our lives will be lived boldly, in a fearless and relentless pursuit of obedience to the Great Commission. That pursuit will be the primary focus and drive of our lives.

We have been raised to new life, transformed by the power of the Gospel, and awakened to our true purpose in life. The Resurrection manifests itself in our lives through powerful, fearless living. As yet another Resurrection Day comes to a close, perhaps we would do well to spend the coming days soaking in the story of Acts. As we read about the effect of the Resurrection on those first Apostles, may we be inspired with the thought that the same God who so powerfully indwelt their message still empowers the Church today.

“…and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
– Jesus (Resurrected, Living & Victorious!)

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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