3 Questions for Anyone Who Claims to Follow Jesus & Support Abortion

I have been horrified at the recent videos released exposing Planned Parenthood’s selling of tissue and organs of aborted babies.  I am thankful, though, that they have once again shed light on the issue of abortion.  I am thankful for the resulting dialogue.  I am thankful that some seem to be thinking twice about abortion and its industry.  I pray that this will be a turning point in our country that leads to the abolition of abortion altogether.  I pray for the defunding and shutting down of Planned Parenthood.

While nothing can hurt my heart more than the act of abortion itself and its millions of victims so far, I would have to say that one aspect of this recent burst of conversation has saddened me deeply.  I honestly cannot understand how anyone could view abortion as OK.  It blows my mind that anyone would be casual and even supportive of human beings being literally ripped apart at their most vulnerable point in life while in what should be their safest environment.  But, I also understand the fall and I understand lostness.  I understand depravity.  I understand evil.  Therefore, I can understand how some who are outside of Christ can arrive at the idea of life standing in the way of perceived happiness.  I can understand and have witnessed how evil can be justified, accepted and even celebrated.

What I cannot understand is how anyone who claims to bear the name of Christ can do the same.  I have seen conversations with such people, defending not only the practice of abortion, but also Planned Parenthood.  

I cannot understand how someone who claims to abide in Jesus, the author of life, can support and advocate abortion, the most evil and pervasive enemy of life in our time.

As I have written recently, I believe that the most important question every believer faces in every situation is, “What does the Bible say?”  We must not let feelings, the culture, the media, or empathy shape our minds.  If the Word of God exists as our authority, then what it says matters above all else.  So, when speaking to someone who claims to be a Christian and at the same time supports abortion, 3 sets of questions must really be answered.

1. Do you believe that God is sovereign?  

If so, how does that play in your support for abortion, in any circumstance*?  At what point are we to de-throne God and begin to act on his behalf in matters of life?  At what point does sin justify a sinful response?

Do you believe that God can bring beauty from ashes?

2. How does God’s revelation to us (The Scriptures) support or allow for such actions to be taken, even as a result of sin or evil, themselves?  

Alternatively, does the Bible give any indication as to when God, himself, ascribes value and meaning to life?  If so, what gives any human the right to determine when life actually begins?   What gives them the right to decide that any life up until that point can be terminated for reasons they deem necessary or just?

3. If truth is absolute and founded in the character of God, then how does abortion (for any means or reason) fit in with the character of God? 

I have actually heard a couple of people who claim to follow Jesus refer to abortion and even Planned Parenthood as ‘good.’  Good for whom?  God is good; all goodness originates in his character, as well.  How can ‘crunching’ and ‘crushing’ a human body that has a beating heart and has been proven to feel pain be consistent with the character of the Creator God?

Remember a couple of things as you discuss this all-important topic, whether face-to-face or on social media.  First, this is an opportunity to share the gospel.  Point people to why we as believers view every life as valuable and worthy of dignity.  People need Jesus and reconciliation with God far more than they need to change their stance on abortion.  Second, make sure you point to the Scriptures.  Whether the others in your conversation view the Bible as authoritative or not, this is an opportunity for you to show how it provides authority to your own life.  Third, speak up.  There are many topics that sometimes I wish believers would say less.  This is a topic that needs to be kept at the forefront of our culture’s mind.  We must speak up and speak boldly on behalf of the unborn.  If we do not, who will?

Stand firm upon the truth, saturate your words with God’s Word, and be prayerful.


*Don’t get bogged down here with questions about abortions needed to save the mother’s life.  Statistics show that “these rare cases occur less than 1% of the time. In fact, even if you lump in all NON life threatening health issues that are cited by mothers as a reason for abortion then the total number only increases to 2.8%.”  We do not need to avoid answering this question, but it is best left as a separate issue to discuss.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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