Jesus is Our Ark

In light of the coming flood of judgment thousands of years ago, God provided a means of salvation.  He commanded his servant Noah to build an ark.  The Scriptures tell us that in the construction of that ship only 1 door was placed.  That door alone provided the only means of salvation from the coming flood.  As he built Noah preached and invited even the most sinful to seek refuge by trusting in God’s promise.  In the end only his family entered the door.  The passage goes on to tell us that just before God began to pour his wrath out upon the earth, God, himself, shut the door.

Judgment is once again eminent in our day.  Jesus will return and no one can say for sure when.  When he does he will return as King and as Judge.  He came on a rescue mission in his first coming, accomplishing all that was necessary to offer even the most sinful of people a way of salvation.  And just as there existed only one door into the ark, because he is the only one who actually dealt with sin and earned the righteousness that holy God demands, he exists now as the only way of salvation for sinful people (John 14:6).  That’s all of us (Romans 3:23).  When he returns God will once again close the door and there will be no more chance for those who have chosen to remain in unbelief and stay on the outside of that exclusive refuge.

The invitation is open once again.  The gospel proclaims a rescue that is available through Christ alone.  Anyone can enter by repenting of sin and trusting in Jesus.  Will you trust in him today?

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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